Prepare Your Cat To Have Kittens

Prepare Your Cat To Have Kittens

The day we bring a new child into the world is one of the happiest moments in the life of a human being. When they give birth, humans have an abundance of support available: nurses, physicians, and the best medical facilities. It is also a different story as animals give birth. In order to make the birthing process comfortable, if you are the owner of a feline, you may have to put a few items in place. It’s the owner’s job to ensure that the female cat is well looked after. During this time, neglecting her will cause malnutrition and even anxiety for the cat.

We have compiled a full guide that you can follow in order to help you get all ready.
Signs of my female cat being pregnant

When they are a few months of age, many owners euthanize their pets. If you want your cat to have its own litter, then you’re not going to give them to do this surgery.

In the expectation that they can make purebred kittens, some owners may even plan a pregnancy and introduce their felines to male companions. Regardless of your intentions, when it comes to the prospective father of their kittens, your cat may have a wandering eye.

It is also possible to associate pregnancy with weight gain. Therefore, to know when they may be pregnant, you should be mindful of your cat’s physical health and appearance. Here is a list of indicators that your feline is pregnant and not just overweight:

Enlarged Nipples: Your cat’s nipples can turn red and enlarged after 15-18 days of pregnancy, known as ‘pinking-up’.
Morning Sickness: Indeed, this is also endured by felines. A pregnant furball might frequently vomit. If it continues, it’s best to check it out at the vet.
Gaining weight: Her stomach will look bloated. A pregnant queen around the stomach region can gain 1-2 kilograms. She’ll gain more or less weight, depending on the amount of kittens she holds.
Maternal Behavior: She may be much more caring and cuddlier with hormones flowing through her veins. Searching for her owner’s extra kisses and purring more steadily.

For 5 more tell-tale signs that your cat may be pregnant, read this.

How do I prepare to be born?

Your girlfriend’s kitten is all grown up, and she will soon have her own litter. Cats are only pregnant for 66 days when compared to women. This is a little more than 2 months. You’re not going to have a lot of time to get it all together, considering you might just find out she’s pregnant about 2-3 weeks into pregnancy. Cat moms, fortunately, are very instinctive. Which makes it much easier for their owners, who may not be as naturally inclined to help give birth to an animal. The birthing process will run smoothly if you stay in tune with the behavior of your pet and follow their lead.

To make her feel more comfortable, here is a list of expert tips you can apply:

Veterinary Visit

You should book an appointment with the nearest vet when you get the feeling that your furry woman might be pregnant. Ensuring the health of your feline and her unborn kittens is important.

A veterinarian will be able to tell you the number of weeks she was pregnant and the anticipated due date. By listening to heartbeats with a stethoscope, as well as how many kittens she could predict. Litters may have as many as five kittens and as few as two. You will also be given the tools to plan for the afterbirth to get an idea of how many kittens are planned. Although extremely unlikely, there is a 1 percent risk that complications might occur at birth. Make arrangements for a vet to take emergency calls.

Preparing mentally

It is obvious that felines are extremely responsive throughout the process, following several Katzen Tipps online. It’s going to be a very stressful event if you make her feel nervous because you feel anxious. For the first time, seeing your precious pet give birth can be very confusing, thrilling, and unusual at the same time. If you have never been through the process before, you will have to mentally brace yourself. By watching documentaries and seeking guidance, newbies should inform themselves. It’s extremely important that you keep cool. When the birthing process begins, stop shouting or running about. She will pick up on all the vibes you give off during this period. So, for the sake of her well-being, you’ll have to be able to restrain yourself. Read more at

Get all the equipment ready.

The mom-to-be won’t need any hands-on help in most cases. You will have to keep the following instruments and materials nearby just in case there are any complications:

Disposable or medical gloves to handle newborn infants
An antiseptic solution for subsequent cleaning of the area
If you need to cut umbilical cords, blunt scissors or a suture removal kit are required. In most instances, mother cats do all of this on their own.
In the case of kittens having problems nursing from their mother, plastic syringes or milk bottles as well as a milk replacement

Just make a nest

We all know that felines like to find comfortable places to rest where they can spend hours sleeping. During the birthing process, it will be no different. You have to prepare a quiet area for them in order for your feline to feel secure and safe. Turn a big carton box upside down and cut the inside into a cave-like entrance. Inside the box, place comfy linens, bedding, and towels on the floor. You want to make a cat’s own bed?

To give her easy access to nutrition, keep fresh water and food bowls close to the entrance. During this time, there is no need to ration her food intake, as she should be able to eat and drink as much as she wants.

Above all, enjoy the experience and stay calm with the new mom-to-be.