Conservative News Podcast

Conservative News Podcast

The political scene in America is far from ideal. The divisiveness of the factions stands in the way of policy-making and progress. This discourse is predictable in any land with free will and different backgrounds, values, and cultures. Instead of focusing on which side is right or wrong, the focus of the conversation should be the exchange of ideas aimed at improving the lives of the people. It is possible to be tolerant of varying political opinions, but only if the end goal addresses social issues that collectively concern us.  Holding your opinions as incontestable truths is wrong because you do not exist in isolation. Consider listening to the ideas of others, not to support their agenda, but to acknowledge that, like you, they have unique perspectives shaped by their upbringing and experiences. These podcasts offer reasonable, sensible, and detailed conversations on socio-political issues.

The Ben Shapiro Show

Ben Shapiro offers a voice of logic and reason, which came to prominence when he first appeared on a controversial talk show. His calm demeanor and ability to tear down baseless arguments has made him a favorite among conservatives. He offers praise and criticism in equal measure in his trending American conservative podcast.  

Louder with Crowder

His beginnings might have been in comedy, but Steven Crowder’s has built a promising career on political commentary. His show attracts constructive conversations and healthy debating conducive to younger generations. Suppose you are a student at the start of your political journey, debating whether this is, ‘a podcast I need to hear’. In that case, you will undoubtedly appreciate his hosting skills and ability to integrate satire while discussing serious political issues. 

The Megyn Kelly Show

A household name thanks to her tenure at Fox News, Megyn Kelly hosts an American conservative podcast that invites all perspectives thanks to its open-door policy. The podcast finds its base in trending topics addressed by people of authority from different backgrounds. She often hosts high-profile guests and is not afraid to air her conservative views when left-wing tactics impede liberties.


It is not a recent podcast, and the fact that it has maintained a clean record free from profanity, abuse, and bigotry is laudable. Dennis Prager has had a successful career as a published author, and his conservative yet scholarly take on political issues is logical and precise. His religious devotion may divide those with more progressive or feministic dispositions, but his arguments are still insightful.

The Mark Levin Show

Mark Levin started on the radio before becoming a regular on FOX news. He is a successful talk show host and accomplished author with expertise in constitutional law. Discussions on his conservative podcast are always faithfully researched and based on his literal interpretations of the Constitution.

The Charlie Kirk Show

It is arguably the fastest-growing podcast in its niche. It has been around for a decade and primarily engages students in liberal campuses to expand their political viewpoints. Charlie brings a fresh perspective and encourages conservative expression in the upcoming generation.

Conservative News Podcast