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Pets are a very significant part of family life. These furry companions are not just any element inside the house; they are part of the family. That's why like the rest of your loved ones, you must do everything to preserve their good health and welfare.

One of the most significant decisions for your pet's health is where you will take it for medical attention. In your area, you probably have several options that are usually divided into two: veterinary hospitals, and private doctors. However, which of the two options is best? You need to know the significant advantages of preferring a veterinary hospital for your pet.

Why Take Your Pet to a Veterinary Hospital?

  • Emergency Attention: any doctor can check your pet. However, most private vets do not attend emergencies. On the other hand, in a hospital, you are sure that you will be treated with priority in case of an eventuality. The best veterinary hospitals like Tustin Legacy Animal Hospital allow you to call while you are on your way, to wait for you prepared to attend the emergency.
  • Specialized equipment: hospitals have devices that allow a complete diagnosis of the animal. For example, in our hospital, in addition to the consultation by Tustin's best veterinary team, we have the possibility of performing digital X-rays for body and teeth, and ultrasound scanning.
  • Surgery: You may be able to find an excellent private veterinarian, but what if your beloved pet requires surgery? In general, if the private physician cannot do the procedure, they will still refer you to a hospital, or in any case, will have to rent time in a veterinary surgery room. Either option delays the attention of the clinical problem, putting at risk the life and health of your dear furry friend.
  • Pharmacy: on many occasions, after you go to a private doctor, you have to visit various places to get the medicines indicated for the treatment of your pet. The best veterinary hospitals such as Tustin Legacy Animal Hospital have their pharmacy for your convenience. Even if you wish, you can buy what you need for your pets entirely online through our website.
  • Pet-Friendly Environment: Like human beings, the health of pets must be integral; that is, it is a physical as well as an emotional issue. When you take your animals to the vet, they feel stress, even if it's because of their routine examination. If in addition to their anguish, if the environment is not adequate, the pet suffers more. The most up to date animal hospital in Tustin care about providing an excellent experience for both the pet and the owner. In this way, the visit to the doctor is much less traumatic.
  • Education: One of the significant advantages of animal hospitals is that they go far beyond medical care. In addition to providing exceptional medical service, you'll find advice on how to raise and keep your pets in good health. Also, the experience is highly educational for your children, so they can learn to grow up with their furry friends.

Trust The Best!

If you want to keep the health and well-being of your beloved pets at the optimum level, we are your ideal choice. Tustin Legacy is the best animal hospital in Tustin. We have the most specialized medical team in the region. We also have the most advanced facilities and equipment for the correct diagnosis and treatment of your dear colleagues. Contact us; we will be happy to assist you.

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