What You Need To Know About Cat Insurance

Pet insurance will be an excellent way to safeguard your finances in the event that your cat requires costly injury or sickness care. For about $25 a month, policyholders may be reimbursed in full or in part for qualified medical procedures. In general, it is preferable to insure your cat when it is still young and stable. Senior cats can […]

Video: This is Why Cats Love Boxes

To relieve stress, cats like to sit in boxes. Study: Since new environments can be challenging for cats, it’s vital for them to have an enclosed space where they can retreat and feel safe. Cats often like boxes because they help to keep some of their body heat warm in cooler weather. If you have a cat at home and […]

Why Is My Cat Snoring All Out Of A Sudden?

Is your cat snoring louder than you expected from such a small animal? Snoring in cats is less common than in dogs, but it’s generally not a cause for concern. Let’s discuss why cats snore, when it’s usual, and when you should take your cat to the veterinarian. Tissues at the back of your cat’s throat relax and vibrate as […]